At Healthcare of New Zealand, we are proud to support people to live their lives the way they want to in their own homes, regardless of their age or any disability, injury or illness they may have. 



The results of a competency survey showed that senior leaders needed to develop how they lead change, empowered and delegated within their teams. This same survey revealed middle managers, new and existing, had varying levels of experience and inconsistencies.

When new managers came on board there wasn’t a specific induction programme for them across HHL Group that introduced them to the wider organisation, and what their onboarding journey would look like.



After running analysis sessions with the senior leadership team, it was determined that four different deliverables were needed:

Executing Strategy
Two one-day workshops for senior managers that focused on:

  • Leading change
  • Empowerment and delegation.

Accelerating Leadership
Four one-day workshops that focused on:

  • Leading self
  • Leading individuals
  • Leading teams
  • Leading across HHL Group.

Onboarding Guide
A manager’s guide for new staff members, including activities and tasks for staff to complete within their first 90 days in the new role and beyond.

Managers Induction
A two-day workshop where all new managers come together to find out their role within HHL Group and the practical tools they need to use to succeed in their roles.


We chose to partner with Inspire Leaders due to their expertise and obvious skill in bringing concepts together into practical solutions. 

The fantastic bonus was the way they easily integrated into our culture and how we like to work, all with the discipline in keeping numerous projects on track, on budget and on time.


Anita Guthrie

Organisational Development Manager

Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings Limited 

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