Inside Out – Finding the Joy in Sadness

Our brains are wonderful things – they weigh only 3 pounds, are 75% full of water, and at birth contain most of the brain cells for our entire adult lives.

But what of our capacity for emotions, such as joy, fear, anger and disgust, that are already developed at birth? What role do they play in our lives?

“Inside Out” the new Pixar masterpiece tells this story mostly through the eyes of 11 year old Riley and the emotions that live inside her head.
Rather than give you our thoughts why not click on this link and read the beautifully worded review by A.O. Scott of the New York Times.

His closing comment below is why this is up there as one of the greatest and most important kids and parents movies ever made.

“The youngest viewers will have a blast, while those older than Riley are likely to find themselves in tears. Not of grief, but of gratitude and recognition. Sadness, it turns out, is not Joy’s rival but her partner. Our ability to feel sad is what stirs compassion in others and empathy in ourselves. There is no growth without loss, and no art without longing.”

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