Best Resignation Letter Ever

Recently we sadly received a resignation letter from one of our most loved learning designers. On the flip side it was the best resignation letter ever. See what our lovely Belinda Jennings (Beej) had to say about working at Inspire Group …




Hi everyone <3

Here’s my ‘see you later’ letter…

This is to inform Inspire Group that I am giving notice of my resignation from my position as Learning Designer.

I, however, do not resign from the Inspire Group Family and promise to incorporate the IG Way in all I do.

I can’t thank you enough for having me J. It was the best party ever. I truly get that good learning (and storytelling) can change lives because that’s what I’ve been part of.

I will: 

  • continue to grow and learn in order to become a better human being every day. This in turn will be taken to my children, family, friends, strangers I meet, and colleagues, parents and students in my new/old role as teacher
  • continue to be passionate about learning and education and will take the IG viewpoint that ‘better learning changes lives’ into the (failing) education system
  • take the love, respect and care I have been shown at IG into my new workplace and model the way we work
  • take the stories and vulnerabilities that have been shared with me and keep them in my heart
  • make highlights part of my own practice – with myself, my family, friends and colleagues. I will acknowledge the great in others, the contributions of all, the learnings from my failures and reflect on what I have done well
  • keep the last 2 years as my prized possession. A time of incredible heartbreak that has shown me parts of my truest self – only possible because I worked at Inspire Group, with the people that make Inspire Group. I am strong, loving, kind, grateful, resilient, accountable for my actions, positive and a fucking awesome mother. I also have good hair.

 This is not an end. Just another beginning.


Xxx Beej




Thank you Beej for your two years of amazing work at Inspire Group. All the best for your future, we miss you. All the Aroha right back at you.

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    I would like to inspire and get inspiration . Am interested in contributing to make life more simple and fun to live while meeting the goals at ease for others and myself.


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