Better leading changes lives

Better learning is life changing. That simple statement is our ‘why’ at Inspire Group. For our Inspire Leaders’ team, we translate this to better leading changes lives. And it really does.

So we have just one rule: if it’s not truly life changing, it’s not for us. It’s an easy test to apply when considering new opportunities, but sometimes it’s even more important to seek out those life-changing moments.

Through my voluntary role as a board member at the fantastic and life-changing New Zealand charity, Skylight, I got asked if Inspire would help the Skylight team with some leadership development. And if you ever want to see a truly dedicated and stretched leadership team, spend some time in a non-profit: limited resources, huge impact. We can all learn a lot from these teams.

So, even more of a reason to help them. The catch? It had to be quick, customised to their challenging world… and free. A perfect candidate then for our Inspire Me programme – our very own ‘giving back’ initiative – read more about it here.

Without hesitation, the excellent Inspire Wellington team got involved and are doing what they do best.

Chatting with the Skylight CE last week, we agreed to enhance this further with some coaching for her. Same conditions, same catch.

And same response. A call out to my Wellington network resulted in immediate offers of free coaching, without any suggestion of payment or recognition (but you know who you are – and you are stars!)

So, better leading really does change lives. And in this increasingly troubled world, how reassuring to know that there is still plenty of good out there, both through the dedicated teams at organisations like Skylight, and in the equally dedicated folks who step up and help them to grow and flourish.


James McCulloch is Director of Leadership at Inspire Group, an international learning design provider. He has a strong opinion on how leadership, and leadership development, can be simplified and improved, and a healthy curiosity on simple leadership lessons from the world around us.


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