Inspire Assist Has Arrived in Australia

Inspire Assist provides awesome on-site L&D resource in Melbourne and Sydney (for now).

One of my favourite parts of being an Assister is telling the story of how we came about. It started with Inspire Group’s core mission; better learning is life changing. We were creating beautiful, effective learning (not to toot our own trumpet, ever) and delivering it to our clients. Once they’d seen the solutions, they started to ask what more we could do for them.

“Could we just borrow a learning designer to sit on site for a few weeks to up-skill our team in Storyline?”

“Could we grab one of the learning designers for a week to do a TNA on this leadership programme?”

“Could Dan come and facilitate some workshops for us? He seems to just… get it”

At first, we were totally on board – our clients liking our team enough to actually request their presence on site… that is the dream for a small consultancy like ours. But, as it ramped up we suddenly realised that we needed our awesome, in-demand employees. That’s why we hired them, after all.

So we turned to the people who were looking to work with us already but who for their own reasons were happier working on a freelance basis, and we started to trial the idea of upskilling them (if needed), challenging their thinking, testing them on our own internal projects and finally, partnering them up with clients to complete all sorts of learning projects. We call them associates, but they’re a part of our team; they might be super-talented individuals in their own right, but if they need us for support, ideas, technical assistance, creative unblocking or just plain ranting… we’re here.

Inspire Assist was born, and grew to be hugely successful in both Wellington and Auckland. Our Australian presence was solid, with Stu and the team making waves across the Melbourne learning market, but again, our clients wanted something more. I started placing learning designers and facilitators before I’d even landed in Australia, and now Assist is finally ready to prove to our clients why we’re here. In Stu’s words:

“We wanted to create something that gives them surety of both quality and availability. Many learning designers talk the talk, but stumble and trip when it comes to walking the walk. Our bull**** radar is finely honed, and we only work with the greats. We want our associates to do awesome work, but also lift the learning conversations taking place across the organisations we work with.”

Bringing the same high standards, customer focus and enthusiasm (after a coffee or three), Assist is officially launched in Australia. Cue the party poppers!

We’ve got a pool of brilliant learning professionals, from instructional designers to developers, technical writers, facilitators and everything in-between, ready for your coolest projects.

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Give me a shout if you want to get a coffee and find out more, or if you have a gap in your team that needs filling in the short-midterm.

Han Szurek

+61 459 022 402

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