Chorus is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company.


The first day on the job is always a tricky one, a heck of a lot to take in.
For Chorus we needed a way to re-energise their existing employee induction experience, a way to reflect the energy and culture that already exists.
The brief was it had to be interactive and provide a bit of x-factor, while of course dotting all the I’s and crossing all the t’s along the way.


Having worked with Chorus closely to support the launch of their new brand values and new approach to leadership development we knew exactly what would do the trick. Pitching a board game concept to Chorus went down as smooth as a cold beer on a hot summers day.

The aim of the game is to nail all the questions about Chorus, and because they are all about “Connecting New Zealand”, the player gets to collect connections and regions throughout New Zealand. It allowed tonnes of interactivity between one another while really hitting home Chorus’ core purpose – to keep New Zealand connected.

The board game allowed new staff to:

  • Have a bit of a laugh and meet a few new co-workers along the way

  • Discover the key details about Chorus (history, what they do, key people, etc.)

  • Reinforce Chorus values

  • Learn by doing.


All new employees were definitely hooked throughout the induction process. Playing the board game has been the most sure-fire way of retaining key induction information and having a good laugh in the process.

It has also proved a real time-saver; a 90 minute run time has drastically reduced the amount of time needed for the overall induction day.

Twelve games were delivered to Chorus’ exisitng staff and even these veterans learned a thing or two. They’re a competitive bunch so in many of these offices, it has become a mainstayer over lunch or coffee break.

“It was great to get to get a bit more of the “big picture” and to understand where Chorus has come from, how we do things and where we are hoping to go in the future.”

“The game was just fun – it’s funny how you relate differently to people when playing a game. I’d like our team to play it to see how much they know!”

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