We like to practice what we preach at Inspire Group so we created our ‘Hustle’ Book! It’s our Induction book of awesome! It’s the book each IG family member gets before they start so they know just what they have signed up for! It’s our guide to all things Inspire and just because we can we took the English language in a direction no one has seen before. Every word is worth devouring! Every image worth framing!

Full references to pop culture, plenty of acronyms and some pretty straight up facts about what we are crap at. Speaking of crap, there are handy tips about where the toilets are too which is pretty important when starting a new job! But enough of that kiwi self deprecation it has some pretty incredible tips on the components of a kick ass storyboard, the way in which we deal with customers and the costumes you are expected to wear to a client presentation! We love this little gem.

Wanna see it? Well you will just have to work here! Or maybe one of our team will lend you their copy. Or you may even find it in a café near you! Don’t get offended though. It’s pretty full of some colourful phrasing! We aren’t boring! So neither should our induction be! Oh yeah…..Hustle is one of our much cherished values….hence the name.

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