The Leadership Development Centre changed their business model.

Their goal was to make it easier for clients to access their resources. Part of this was putting many of these resources online so that various government agencies could access them.

Inspire got a call from LDC asking if we knew of someone who was a guru at leadership level learning, was good at developing material in such a way as to make it effective for clients to access online, and had a lovely personality that would fit into the tight-knit team.

We knew immediately who’d be fantastic. Recently relocated to Auckland, Paula had developed awesome skills at leadership level in the health sector. When we told her about the opportunity to work with LDC, putting their leadership resources online, she jumped at the opportunity and moved to Wellington. She worked well with the team, synthesised the existing material, added her flair and made it appropriate as an online resource.

Here’s what Raewyn from LDC said “ It was so great working with people who really understood our business and what we needed. Paula was the perfect person to do this work and her professionalism and knowledge of HROD theory and practice had a huge impact on the end product.”

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