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Welcome to the Stout Street Induction – Blended Learning Solution


On Monday 4 August 2014, 1,600 MBIE employees started moving into the new MBIE National Office at 15 Stout Street, Wellington, New Zealand. In preparation for this significant event there were some important logistical, compliance and behavioural-based requirements that needed to be met to ensure all staff experienced a safe, smooth, and positive transition into their new building.


The move also signified an opportunity to celebrate a new way of working together as MBIE continues to shape, collaborate and deliver on the goals of a newly formed government organisation.


Inspire Group designed a highly customised, blended learning solution combining eLearning, video and face-to-face induction sessions. This combination delivered an interactive learning experience which prepared people for the move, and most importantly ensured that they understood the key health and safety aspects of the new site.


The challenge with a project of this nature is to go beyond the “here’s what health and safety means” and move into the space of “that really helps me”. We achieved this by having a clear picture of what makes a difference for the learners, and by using a scenario-based approach. For example:


  • Health & Safety scenario “If you discover a fire, what is the first thing you should do?”
  • Behavioural scenario “Joe is about to have his favourite lunch – curried eggs and cauliflower. Sounds interesting! Where should he eat this culinary delight?”


Scenario examples help to make concepts real for the learner and multi-choice answers provide an effective way to demonstrate why a particular answer was right or wrong, allowing the learner to understand the consequences of their choice.


The video showcased the newly refurbished building, and the MBIE Senior Leadership team delivered the key messages. This helped connect MBIE employees with the significance of the move and the positive impact it would have on the organisation.


The learning was also complemented with face-to-face induction sessions where staff were given the opportunity to ask questions that may not have been covered in the other learning materials.


There was fantastic engagement and participation in the learning solutions, evidenced by:

  • the Health and Safety Evacuation eLearning module achieving a 90% completion rate
  • the video having more than 1,770 views
  • more than 600 people attending the face-to-face induction sessions.

These high levels of participation were achieved within weeks of the move.


The first building evacuation drill was held on Wednesday 24th September.  The building was evacuated within 8.4 minutes of the alarm sounding. This was an excellent result taking into consideration, the size of buildings and number of occupants.


“The interactive learning solutions provided by Inspire Group helped us to actively engage our people in the Stout Street relocation programme. The approach encouraged our people to really take ownership of the project and learn important information about the new building and environment, while encouraging a real sense of pride in our new National Office,” MBIE General Manager Property Nicola Bowler.

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