New Zealand Post was going through a major change, which required their staff to openly adopt a new way of evaluating and monitoring their performance. The new approach titled “Let’s Talk Performance” promoted regular, quality conversations between managers and staff and a move away from a more compliance-based exercise that happened once a year. With the compliance aspect of the process removed, the focus was now on good conversations and less on strict systematic steps. The challenge was for New Zealand Post to clearly communicate this change with all staff. They needed to get their buy-in to ensure the new focus was welcomed and supported, and have employees understand how their own performance relates to the customer, their personal development, the team and the company. We identified the key objective was to get people to understand the change and enthusiastically adopt it.


After our analysis session, we confirmed two deliverables as part of the learning solution. Firstly a framework on a page – a simple diagram to communicate at a glance how the system would work and what real and tangible changes this meant for each individual.   We also developed a motion graphic which could be thought of as an engaging communications piece, similar to a TV commercial. We often use motion graphics to emotionally engage with our audience, bring the message to life and make it real and relevant for the learner. They work incredibly well to get learners to understand “why” the programme/change message is important to them personally and to motivate and inspire people to participate in the programme/s provided.


“The value that Inspire brought to this project was keeping the audience in mind at every step of the process. This focus ensured that our end product told a meaningful, relatable story that put our people in the picture” Tania Styles – NZ Post

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