There are some exciting and rather BIG changes occurring with NZ Post currently. One such development is the move from Post Shops to a host franchisee module.

One urgent project with very tight time frames was to design a robust training programme by pulling together the existing content and developing the learning for the new franchisees.

The materials developed would be varied and comprehensive, ranging from quick reference guides, facilitator guides, workshop handouts and would also include a three-day intense course as well as some on-the-job training and coaching.

The ideal contractor would be someone who fitted well in the team and had excellent workshop and online experience. Inspire Assist was very confident in suggesting Associate Helen, who’d wowed with her skills on the Telecom project. She’s stepped into the project and is currently gunning it with awesome feedback all round.

Earlier in the year we’d been asked to support the L&D Manager in the Mail Centre with documenting the processes in such a way as to simplify them and evaluate people’s understanding at the time of learning. Instructional designer and documentation guru, Rhiannon, eagerly stepped into this role and has worked closely with the mail processing team to develop easy documents, simplify the processes, smooth out the terminology and highlight areas to work on.

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