The New Zealand Customs Service is New Zealand’s first line of defence. It’s their job to detect and prevent dangerous people and prohibited goods from crossing New Zealand’s borders, to facilitate legitimate trade and travel, and to collect revenue owing to the Crown.


The New Zealand Customs Service needed a high-quality and engaging induction experience for their 1,200 staff spread around New Zealand, as well as in offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Brussels, Canberra and Washington DC.


We got all the key stakeholders in a room and mapped out the learning objectives. We needed to give new employees an understanding of who Customs are, what they do, how they are structured and where they have come from. There was a lot of information to cover as the Customs story goes back to the founding of the colony. That’s 175 years of stories and events that have shaped the values, the beliefs and the character of the Customs family.

We designed an online module that was simple, yet highly interactive. We put the learner in the driver’s seat, letting them choose what they wanted to explore first. The whole module was simple in design and navigation, yet packed with features – animations with audio, interactive timelines, an easy-to-access glossary, learning checks and links to the Custom’s intranet for more information, to name a few.


“We love how this module smoothly blends a clean, modern interface with our Customs branding and imagery. We expect the snazzy interactions and easy navigation will make for an engaging and informative learning experience for our new employees.”

Sonia Mani

Senior Learning & Development Advisor and Designer

New Zealand Customs Service

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