Transdev is a leading public transport company, delivering top notch transport services across Australia and New Zealand.


There’s a team of over 4,800 Transdevians working across our water, rail and road services.

With those numbers and the geographical spread across Australia and New Zealand, the need is for induction to be accessed from, well, anywhere and everywhere actually. Enter the world wide web. We all love a good yarn in person, but for efficiency and engagement, we can kill three birds with one stone. Online and more dynamically.


Transdev deliver over 120 million passenger journeys every year on over 1,800 vehicles and vessels, so it was pretty obvious that this was a perfect place to start. Making the customers and their stories the star of the show in this online module allowed us to begin to tell the story.

Learners could choose their mode of transport, find out who uses what and see the how the internal Transdev cogs start to churn, effectively interacting with the contextual knowledge to learn how we get the customer to where they really needed to be.

While we were suitably doused in Transdev, we thought we may as well give them a hand with a recruitment tool. The hard yards we had put in earlier allowed us to create a cool little animated story along the same lines to reel any fresh meat in. Hook, line and sinker.


We wouldn’t be braggin about Transdev in our Case Studies if they weren’t stoked with the results. And the beauty of this one was around giving new employees the ability to access the module before even stepping foot in the door, regardless of location.

The use of real customer experiences and stories is the most effective and authentic way to connect with these new starters, making them feel at home from day one.

“We spoke about online inductions several years ago and this has fulfilled so many of the discussions at the HR level which were documented and followed up on. It certainly gives people who are being inducted a sense of what they are joining and how important their role is in the community. I really love it and just wanted to tell you how great it is.  So much better than what we have now”

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