We work with our clients to develop award winning custom learning solutions. Positive and profound behaviour change is the name of the game, and we’ve been in the game for a long time. Inspire Group have developed thousands of learning solutions for our clients worldwide, including bespoke elearning courses, leadership workshops and online blended solutions. We develop solutions to meet your needs and budget while using authoring tools familiar to your team and organisation. 

There are many ways to skin a cat. We’re only interested in the BEST way and ideally it doesn’t involve cats at all. It might involve e-learning or even a board game and so be it. A learning management system or a hands-on workshop could do the trick. Or we might just have to blend a bunch of these approaches together and make a killer learning cocktail.

Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out together and set about designing and building the strongest version of it imaginable.

Inspire Learning

Building bespoke tools that are hard to ignore.

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Inspire Leaders

Developing a new era of leaders to challenge the status quo.

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Inspire Assist

Loaning learning experts when a business needs a hand.

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The Process

First we eat chocolate biscuits.

Then we sit down with you and make sure we understand your objectives and get them stuck in our heads alongside the chorus from Hotel California.

Then we determine the most suitable and effective approach. No bulls here, so obviously, out of the gate we plan and map it out. Without losing our cool factor, we have some pretty fair heads on us. So the process involves some deep thought and analysis before we jump into design and development. We build it, test it, tweak it, then test it again.

A chef doesn’t plate a dish without tasting it. And just like any great chef there is an even greater team behind him. Our project management team become just that – from start to finish. Finally of course we deliver it, together, with flair.

The Solution

We’ve never met a business challenge we couldn’t help with. Whatever is riding on your shoulders,
we’ll find a way to help you conquer it and look like a star.

You’re also welcome to borrow one of our expert learning specialists for a period of time, to help drive your learning
and development project onsite and ensure it is a roaring success. We’ll miss them though.

  • Staff inductions
  • Product knowledge
  • Procedural knowledge
  • Sales results
  • Staff engagement
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Strategic capabilities
  • Networking capabilities

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