Stardust inspiration or steady direction?

Or ideally both? Let me explain… Whatever your politics, or level of interest in such things, the New Zealand election is proving that, once again, these campaigns are fascinating from a leadership perspective. And that nothing can be certain. Particularly … Continued

Best Workplace Finalists…..Again!

  Inspire Group Named as Finalist in IBM Kenexa Best Workplaces Survey for 2014   23 September 2014 – Inspire Group, one of Australasia’s top blended learning design companies today announced it is a finalist in the Small-Medium category of the … Continued

National Skills Week August 25 – August 31, 2014

  Inspire Group were very lucky to be Crown’s partner at the launch event of National Skills Week 2014  last night. National Skills week is a platform to showcase and celebrate career pathways through vocational Education and Training, and this year … Continued

Going down – final words from a crashing plane

I am writing this on a plane. The plane from Gisborne to Wellington, New Zealand is a 20 seater, and ‘Windy Wellington’ is not a sarcastic moniker. Passengers’ screams on approach will often drown out the pilot’s redundant announcement — “You may … Continued

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Social Learning

Social learning is all that stuff that happens outside a classroom; it’s informal, usually self-directed and let’s face it, probably why you’re reading this blog. It’s the conversations that happen at the water cooler, or the coffee machine. It’s seeing … Continued

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